5 Safety Tips You Can Teach Your Children When Going to Community Events

“JOHN!! JOHN!!! JOHN!!!!”

That is the cry of a mom, whose child is not within sight. I know we’ve all imagined it, yet all of us fear it in our gut and hope it will NEVER happen!

Every year, thousands of children are shortly separated from their parents during visits to large events. And although we would naturally want to be hermits for the sake of keeping our children safe, the reality is we must and SHOULD go out and enjoy the fascinating field trips, parks and community events that will enrich our entire family.

We CAN guarantee that these outings will be safe if you teach your children a few simple tips when going out to community events:

1- Talk to your children about “stranger danger.” On your way to the event, engage in a simple and fun conversation about who is a stranger and what to do if a stranger approaches them. Talk about different scenarios. Teach them to be polite, but to also be aware of their surroundings and to be aware of how they feel around others. Let them know it’s only okay to share their name when they are with you.

2- Teach them the tip “where I can see you and hear you.”  It is always helpful to tell the children where you are going and your plans while there. I also like to describe what the place looks like, i.e. Is it a park [open and airy]? Is it a theatre [dark and tight]? When children are given an image of what they can expect, they can easily visualize themselves in that location and can understand their boundaries while there. In either case, it’s important they understand they must stay where you can SEE THEM AND HEAR THEM. Going out to a family event and keeping it safe means it is everyone’s responsibility to be alert and to stay close.

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3- Inform them if you are meeting anyone else there. Let the children know if you are meeting with friends or family. When they know, they will know how to react if someone lies and says to them, “I’m a friend of your mom and she said to come get you.” Be clear on what the children should do if they are in that circumstance. Tell them to be BOLD and not be afraid to say “NO!”

4- Make sure they have memorized your name and cell phone number. With memory dial, many children don’t know our cell phone numbers and when they are young, they may not know your full name, because they always call you “mommy” or “daddy.” With the date of the event getting closer, start practicing your name and phone number. You can also put it in a paper in their pockets if they are very young. Either way, make sure they refer to it if they need it.

5- Once at the event, help them identify police officers and volunteer booths. As soon as you arrive at the event, stop and help your children spot a police officer and identify a volunteer booth. You can even approach the officer as a family, so your child can feel safe around him or her.

Ironically, when we prepare, there are less chances of us needing to use these safety precautions. Taking the time to teach your children these basic safety tips, will ensure you and your children are ready to enjoy the great outdoors and events in your community!!


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