5 Reasons Your Children Will Benefit from Learning Spanish

With the United States being so geographically close to Central and South America, it’s only natural that Spanish is increasingly becoming an important language in the U.S.. Showing up on street signs and advertisements, bilingual signs and communication are here to stay.

Older and more traditional folks could resist it, but the truth is the trend is not going to change and as parents and leaders, it is best for us to recognize the importance of our children learning Spanish in order to ensure their career and life success in the future.

This topic is dear to my heart because when our family started traveling the United States in the RV, we realized there was a gap between the two main cultures in the U.S.- Hispanics and “Americans.” Since then, I’ve become passionate about educating both cultures and encouraging each to embrace the other, without losing the essence of their own roots. I am of the strong believe that each culture could learn from the other and my own life is living proof that I am the “best of both worlds.”

With that said, let me encourage you to consider the growing trend of the Latino influence in the U.S. and help you foresee a future that could help your children’s career and life, if you take action now.

Here are 5 powerful reasons your children will benefit from learning Spanish:

1) Greater opportunity for career placement- The U.S. Census Bureau reported that about 12 percent of U.S. residents speak Spanish at home. Therefore, a rising number of jobs are requiring Spanish in the workforce. In addition, it is reported that by 2050, the United States will be the largest Spanish speaking country in the world! If you are thinking ahead, it only makes sense to teach your children Spanish now, if you want to ensure better career opportunities for their future. In multiple careers: copywriting, marketing, commerce, law, politics and even finances, it is important to understand the Latino culture and the right way to market to it. Please don’t let your children embarrass themselves when they are in the news saying that Argentina is in Colombia (true story from Dallas News).

2) Advanced multi-cultural diversity- The number of Spanish-speakers in the US has increased by 210 percent since 1980. Those numbers are astronomical and give clear direction that in order to stay culturally relevant and to experience the best multi-cultural diversity in our own nation, children must learn Spanish. Someone could always be available to translate, but the essence of the language and culture is greatly lost when it is interpreted. I encourage you to consider your neighbors and those who arrived to the U.S. at an older age, and think of the possibilities of reaching out to them to create a wonderful multi-cultural experience for your children in your own backyard.

3) Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world. Learning Spanish will not only benefit your children in the U.S., but it will also open their skills to communicate with other nations for business and government affairs. As trade and commerce opens with other nations, it will become crucial for your children to interact with others in multiple languages.

4) Spanish is easy to learn- Spanish is also classified as one of the easiest languages for native English speakers to learn due to its grammatical and cultural proximity to the English language. With the right tutors, your children will be able to learn 100 or more words easily, because there are “tricks” that show you the clues to Spanish from English words you already know. If you are considering teaching your child a second language, teach them Spanish because it will be the easiest to learn for them.

5) Opportunity to travel with ease and language skills. There is nothing more exciting than to travel to beautiful countries, eat the food and experience the warmth of the people. With close proximity to Latin America, your children can enjoy the variety of the geography, gastronomy and culture from the border of Mexico to the southern tip of Argentina. With ease of language skills, your children will be able to get the most of their traveling dollars by knowing Spanish.

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