12 Mompreneur Lessons from 2015 and One for Good Luck!

This year has gone by so fast and all around me I see signs of permanent lessons that have deeply impacted my life this year.

I don’t know about you, but learning life’s lessons takes work and you’ll agree it’s not always an easy path to acquire the wisdom of the ages. Interestingly enough, many of these lessons are things I’ve known in my head, but taking them from my mind to my heart requires a treacherous path that sometimes I’ve greatly resisted. Can you relate?

Hopefully, we learned the lessons well enough to bypass their learning curve in the future. Either way, we are more powerful as a result of them.

In honor of the seconds and minutes and hours lived this year, I share the lessons that made this year a great year:

1.Honor the Timing- This was a tough one! My creativity and Hispanic culture often collided against the reality of a divine schedule and universe that has a “time for everything”… and that time was not my time, HA! I imagined several family events this year and they didn’t come to fruition, because my timing was wrong. Instead, God instructed me to “slow down” and get ready along with my family, because the change in other families will come through our own change. So, I tossed the American clock, continued to dream, but this time I’m enjoying the journey in relax mode.

2. Grab the Big Vision, But Be Faithful in the Small Steps to Get There- I’m blessed to have been given a very detailed vision of my future (that vision came at a cost and is given to anyone who is ready- on God’s timing). And I’m equally blessed to have a heart that persists, because with the impatient little heart I have, it’s difficult to walk out the everyday steps to create that vision. This year was a year to MASTER the basics for me, and in spite of knowing that, I wanted to run to that big vision, bypassing the “small” steps. Good thing I learned lesson #1 and slowed down enough to finally master those basics, so I could be faithful in the daily walk of life. God will give you a vision, but know there are “small” steps to get there. Choose to be faithful in the little.

3. Follow Your Intuition- God has equipped us with the ability to “sense” and feel the world around us and too many times we are in such a rush to notice what the next best step is. For this reason, people often doubt themselves and ignore God’s wisdom. Although this was not true in my entire life, it was definitely true in some areas. This year I learned to follow my intuition- my “gut” feeling-  a step further and combined with perfect timing, I am more keen to listen to “that” small, still voice.

God will give you a vision, but know there are “small” steps to get there. #goals #godvision #bediligent #mompreneur

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4. Healing of Emotional Wounds Must Also Take Place at an Unconscious Level- Wow, sounds deep, right? Well, it is! I’ve been very proactive about my emotional healing, yet this year I learned there are ways to purposely heal at an unconscious level and it is extremely important to do so for the health of the body and the mind. Much of this type of healing happens using neurology based therapy that “reprograms” the neurons and bypasses the critical faculty- the logic- for complete healing. At this point, I’ve healed and have been trained in the different modalities that include healing the human heart at a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Most recently, I dove into neurology based therapy to really bring even greater transformation to the families I work with. Phenomenal, right?

5. Church Starts at Home- This is one of those lessons I already knew… but I needed to learn it at a deeper level. Our family has been a part of four congregations in the last 18 years. The people we’ve met at each congregation became like family to us, but recently we felt we needed to “retreat” from the engagement of an outside congregation. In prayer, we sought God and as a family, we were directed to BE church (not like a building, but as a body) in our family. We are still learning this lesson and I must admit, our church does not look like ANYTHING that we’ve been done in the past. “Worship” happens in the most unusual way, never structured and seldom will we do “churchy” things, but it works and we are figuring it out as we go. We don’t recommend this for everyone, but we know we are in the right path for our family and excited to become an ekklesia (people called out from and to).

6. The Strength of Family Comes From Each Member, Not Just from the Parents- This year we faced certain young adult issues that were a challenge to us as parents. The way we chose to address it and turn things around was by using our Family Meetings as a tool to empower our sons, as a family. Sometimes parents try to talk to our older children, but there may not be change. However, when the family comes together, there is power that arises and holds the family strong and united through anything.

7. I Am Responsible for My Change- This is another one of those lessons that has deepened over the years and this year it intensified even more. This year I hired my second business coach and there were times I was frustrated with my progress. It was easy to point fingers and feel like he could have been doing more for me, and perhaps he could have, but ultimately I want to be the one responsible for my life, so I took my responsibility back. I stepped back and saw my family and I were not ready for the growth I was seeking. It was a hard pill to swallow, but I put on my “big girl” pants and embraced my own change and the responsibility that came along with it. If you want change, a coach is there to guide you, but CHANGE STARTS WITH YOU! One of my favorite quotes is “Be the change you want to see in the world” by Ghandi.

8. Any Person Can Save Money and Be in Charge of Her Finances- For several years, I was so busy with the business and the house that I delegated the finances to Gus. I “relaxed” into his financial shoulder, trusting he would manage and operate the household income. Furthermore, I used the excuse that I “didn’t like” numbers, so I was just going to stick to what I did best- coaching and marketing. Guess what? God really wants me to be the best I can be and that means that as a business woman, I had to learn to take control of my numbers and create my own savings account and partner up with Gus to accomplish our financial goals. It took me a while to learn this, but it “paid” off! If you’ve been pushing off or ignoring your finances, know that you can and will succeed only when you face the numbers. You are so much bigger than they are!

9. Don’t Expand Your Business Until All Your Clients Are Well Served- A traditional business owner wants growth, growth, growth, sometimes at the expense of the customers (not knowingly, of course). This year I learned not to seek expansion until I could properly serve each one of my customers and coaching clients to the best of my ability. I want to know what each of them needs and what it takes to get them from A to Z. If I rush, I may miss important and foundational pieces for the future of my business. Do things right from the beginning and learn that it’s better to grow slowly and right, than fast and shaky.

Take your time to achieve your goals and enjoy the process. #mompreneur #newyear #goals

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10. Make Your Own Plans and Others Will Adjust- Have you ever waited on others to make a decision or to make plans? And the more you waited, the less things got done and the more confusing things got? Yep, that happened to me. I learned to make my decision and my plan and others will adjust accordingly. Even if I have to adjust in the future, there is less confusion and chaos and things are moving forward positively.

11. Slow Down to Move Faster- You see a theme with timing this year? In Spanish there is a saying, “El Apuro Trae Cansancio” (Rush Brings Weariness). What it means is that the tortoise was right to take her time, while the hare missed the win. Take your time to achieve your goals and enjoy the process. In the long run, you will move faster and have greater progress, because your pillars are in the right place.

12. Be Willing to Pay for Services You Need- I used to see coaching as an expense, not realizing that NOT having a mentor and a coach was costing me- it was an expense on my life. This year I learned to invest in myself greatly. I purposely transitioned from the habit of getting free advice and information to paying for the information I needed. Ironically, the more I did that, the greater quality of “free” advice I received as well- without looking for it. For instance, I have a paid business coach, but through a wonderful opportunity I also received “free” coaching from 2 multi-millionaire business coaches and multiple top level executives and directors locally. I believe the physical investment in myself elevated me to a higher level, where the quality of the information rose and challenged me to new heights. Invest in yourself and don’t ask for permission. It’s your life we are talking about! The better person you are, the better mom, wife, friend, daughter and entrepreneur you’ll be. 

BONUS LESSON** Focus on What You Want, Not on What You Don’t Want- For a few months this year, I fell into the trap of thinking about what I didn’t want. BIG MISTAKE! The more I thought about what I didn’t want, the more I got what I didn’t want. Coincidence? No. Energy flows where attention goes. I was focusing my attention on what I didn’t want and that is where my energy was going. If you have things in your life that you don’t want, then shift your attention to the opposite of them. If you want a happier family life, yet what you see is lots of fighting, focus on a happier family life and not on the fighting. Easier said than done- I know! But you must discipline yourself and shift your focus before you see changes in the new year! 

2016 will be a great year for you, your family and your finances! Believe in the power of God, trust in who God is and have faith that you are here for great works that have been planned since the foundation of the earth! See you in 2016!

Question- What is your favorite lesson learned this year? PLEASE share it below- I can’t wait to read what you share!

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