What is a Breakthrough Session and What Can it Do for You

I just finished a Breakthrough Session (learn what a Breakthrough Session is in the video below) and I recorded a quick video for you to learn more about what it is and what it can do for you. 

I will say I look VERY tired, because even though Breakthrough Sessions are intense, they are also incredibly rewarding and life transforming. After just 6 hours, I was able to completely turn a “problem” around for a woman who had struggled with procrastination, lack of self confidence, and the feeling of not “being heard.” All of which impacted her life greatly.

If you have been struggling with ANY PROBLEM (addiction, anger, fear, relationships, compulsive behavior, low self-esteem or whatever), then you should highly consider learning about and applying for a Breakthrough Session with me. I only do 1 session a week, because of how intense they are, but I have some spots open for early December, so check out the video below. **YOU HAVE TO PUT UP THE VOLUME ON THE VIDEO. IT WILL PLAY ON SILENT UNTIL YOU DO.

Learn what a Breakthrough Session can do for you and schedule a time to speak with me by going to http://ShirleySolis.YouCanBook.Me

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