The Day Gus Said This to the Kids I Nearly Died

I wanted to share an encouraging story with you…

The other night our family was having dinner and after the children gulped up the last bit of food, Gus said he had an announcement to make.

Excited for any fun news that would come out of his mouth, we quickly picked up the table and washed the dishes.

When he began to speak, he had a committed look I’ve never seen before-
that is when I knew this was going to be important!

He asked each of the children what their vision and purpose in life are (I know it seems crazy to ask them this).

As each member of our family shared what they envisioned for the future, he affirmed their choice
and agreed with where they were going. When he got to me, I quickly regurgitated
my life passion and it was obvious I eat, sleep, live my purpose since I said it with such conviction and ease.

He then said this-

“It is clear that her passion and dreams are the same as everyone else’s passion and dreams in our family. Since she is further along, I think we need to turn our family focus to help her with ANYTHING that she needs. I know we’ve helped a lot up to now, but we need to do even more.”


This was a big deal to me. A dream come true.

Hearing him say those things brought tears to my eyes, because I had envisioned having this type of family culture for years- a family who is strong and works towards the same goal.

I tell you this story to encourage you. Whether you are just starting a business or have come a long way, I want you to know that waiting for your family’s support in this way takes time, but it’s worth it. If you continue to move forward with dedication and commitment, your family will be infected with your passion and diligence. They WILL want to help you, because they will know you will never give up.

I hope you are having a great week. Keep being yourself and keep being amazing! it is your turn to put a comment below!