Powerful Parenting Academy

Originally created as a workshop and out of the overwhelming demand of parents who wanted to raise children of character, Powerful Parenting Academy evolved into a step by step online program that teaches parents how to establish strong work ethics, while building a powerful and amazing family culture. This MUST HAVE program is essential to young families or those who have spent years struggling under the pressure of parenthood. To find out more visit

The Youngpreneur Program

Do you have a budding entrepreneur? So did I (several actually, haha)! I took advantage of my boys' desire to learn and I taught them strong work ethics and entrepreneurial skills...Well, they took off with it and started an Ebay business that was making $600 a month! They have also done garage sales, sold toys, sodas, recipes, honey and so many other things. Their latest endeavor is The Youngpreneur Program, a 3 week course created by Nick, Alexis and I to teach YOUR youngpreneur the basics of a young age.  This has been one of our best programs yet! Click here to find out more or to purchase The Youngpreneur Program Click the Add to Cart Button Below.

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Not Just Tacos

Much more than a cookbook, it is a cultural resource for the whole family. Not Just Tacos, An Insight into the World of Authentic Latin American Cuisine, is filled with amazing photographs, fun facts from every country, a picture for every dish, and easy to follow instructions. Now, the flavors and customs of Latin America are within your reach with this wonderful cookbook! For the best Latin American recipes and a journey of food and flavors go here or to purchase Not Just Tacos, Click the Add to Cart Button Below!

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Shirley has over 15 online workshops covering the following topics: Marriage, Chores, Character, Manners, Habits, Homeschooling, Youngpreneurship, Travel & Culture and more! Click here for a list of all the workshops.

Our online bookstore serving families since 1987. Dedicated to the education and empowerment of strong minds, Lifetime Books and Gifts motivates parents to train their children through the enrichment of quality books that fill the spirit and soul. To find rich and fulfilling books for your entire family, check out our website.

Learning Shower

Learn world geography in a whole new way! This colorful world shower curtain engages the imagination and motivates learning by including a detailed image of the world, along with each country’s capital city and a laminated study guide for 14 weeks worth of fun learning activities. People say you can’t do two things at once, but now you the shower! To have your children begging to shower check out our website.

LALI Class

Shirley Solis, a native Ecuadorian, has a passion for helping people learn about other cultures. Through LALI Class, she hopes to empower children and adults with foreign language skills. She is a firm believer in using immersion to learn another language and that is exactly what LALI Class does. Our personal teachers immerse you in the foreign language of your choice, while in the comfort of your home. Our one on one sessions ensure your success and fluency in conversation. To learn to speak another language click here.

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