How to Live and Leave YOUR Legacy

Recently I hosted a local event in South Florida called Legacy Leadership Miami. At this event, I gathered influencers, community leaders, business owners and government officials to talk about family and legacy.

We had the honor of hearing from Senator Anitere Flores, 7th Degree Black Belt Angel Gonzalez and Principal of the Year for Miami Dade County Public Schools, Guillermo Muñoz. These leaders taught from their experience of success both at home and in their professions [RECAP ONLINE TELESEMINAR TO SHARE MORE ABOUT WHAT WE LEARNED- JUNE 14TH, 9PM EST].

Legacy is the passage of our God given and unique purpose from the core of our heart into the heart of another.

  Shirley Solis, Tweet This

Since the event was about leaving a legacy in our family and our community, I spent a great amount of time pondering on WHAT IS LEGACY AND HOW DO WE LEAVE ONE?

In meditating upon these questions, I found an answer that allowed me to easily explain legacy to the leaders who attended the event.

Because I WANT YOU TO LEAVE YOUR LEGACY, I’ve created a short video to define legacy for you and to encourage you to start thinking about your legacy in family and in community.

Question: How easy does it seem to leave a legacy in your world?


13322000_1362537493761659_208016402368051657_nCommunity Leaders Spend an Evening Learning About Legacy and Family

13315446_1362540117094730_7992688821041807635_nDustin Anderson, Senator Anitere Flores-Anderson, Shirley Solis, Gustavo Solis

13346506_1362540153761393_8958492101768802853_nMaster Angel Gonzalez Delivers a Powerful Presentation

13321945_1362537480428327_8703605979428841758_nShirley Solis, The “305MOM” Shares the Secret Behind the Success of Her Family

13335776_1362537517094990_7850886408741099515_nPrincipal Muñoz Shares the 2 Significant Principles He Lives By to Leave a Legacy it is your turn to put a comment below!