Back to School Q&A- “My Child is Not Waking Up in the Morning,” Plus Bullying, Confidence, Homework

With Back to School being in full gear, are you struggling with:

…Getting the kids ready for school in the morning?

…Your child not liking the teacher?

…Your child not making friends?

…Your child feeling low self confidence about learning?

…Your child getting BULLIED?

…Your child not doing the homework on his/her own?
Let me tell you I have a PROVEN STRATEGIES to make sure these things are taken care of easily.

Join this fun, interactive and awesome “Shirley Style Q&A Live Stream” where we’ll cover:

  • My secret strategies to get your children to easily wake up in the morning
  • What to do to if your child doesn’t like the teacher
  • How to empower your child to make friends easily
  • How to boost your child’s confidence in learning
  • The steps to take if your child is getting bullied
  • The EXACT words you should use so your child will do their homework on their own.

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